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WULOP 2024 

The III. international makeup tattoo championship and conference in Hungary!

In 2023, the semi-finals of the International PMU Championship were held with great success.
And now we are moving to another level, in 2024 the WULOP competition will be expanded again, the II. PMU DIAMOND with the international make-up tattoo conference! The two events are independent, so participation in both events is not a requirement!
Show the world your professional knowledge!

The World Universal League of Permanent Make Up (WULOP) is a comprehensive global organization that organizes congresses and world championships internationally. Compared to local makeup competitions held in many countries around the world, WULOP organizes a real world championship by organizing semi-finals through country representatives and hosting national teams made up of the winners of the finals. The speakers who take the stage at the congress are carefully selected and help bring together the most popular techniques and information with the participants.


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