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September 14-15, 2024 bUDAPEST

 In June 2023, the 1st PMU DIAMOND International Makeup Tattoo Conference was held in Hungary, with 15 speakers from 11 countries, all in two days at a high-quality event in Budapest!

In September 2024, 15 prime speakers and 15 non-stop speakers from nearly 20 countries will take part in an event bigger than ever! Registration will open soon!

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Why come?

  • 15 recognized speakers from 11 countries

  • Live presentation of 15 international non-stop speakers

  • 1+2 days, which only talks about the present and future of makeup tattooing

  • High-level professional lectures

  • Demonstration of live model works

  • New information, development opportunities

  • Relationship building

  • Introduction of new and already known PMU brands

  • Participation packages of your choice in a high-quality 4* hotel

  • and a party!

The conference is preceded by II. semi-final of the WULOP international make-up tattoo competition in Hungary, as well as an online latex make-up tattoo competition. Thus, this event is a competition, a competition, and an international PMU conference with successful professionals, lots of techniques, and development opportunities. Maybe you've already thought that you'd like to participate in large-scale, international PMU conferences, but didn't do it because you either didn't have enough language skills or didn't want to travel alone? Well, none of that is an obstacle now. The WULOP congress and competition will be held in Budapest, with the use of interpreters for foreign speakers. 15 professional lectures for the price of one master training! Participation in the conference is not a condition for starting the competition.

The speakers
GET TO KNOW ME the 2023 speakers! We will provide information about this year's speakers shortly!

Monika Lambert - Powder eyebrows

Nettip Thongsri  - Thready eyebrows

Brian Ho - Thready Brows

Olesia Khorosholova - Velvet lip

Olga Hanafy - Modern pigmentation

Mosha Qintana - Fibrous eyebrows

Marika Suhaja - Lip

and many others..

Participation packages

For a detailed description and conditions, click here:

I. PMU Diamond Awards latex competition



In 2024, the PMU Diamond international make-up tattoo conference will be held for the second time.


If you are ready for the 2024 PMU DIAMOND AWARDS competition, DON'T HESITATE!

The competition is international, so we welcome make-up tattoo fans from all over the world!


💫 September 13, 2024 PMU Diamond Awards Latex competition


LATEX competition

▪5 categories▪



🔥Eyebrow shadow


🔥Eyeliner shadow

❓ Are you a talented PMU star?

❓Do you trust your knowledge and technique?

❓ Do you want to conquer the pinnacle of aesthetic tattooing?

The PMU DIAMOND AWARDS competition in Hungary requires professional knowledge, but also gives you the opportunity to show your talent and mark your name, the International  PMU in the cosmetic tattooing industry.

✅ An opportunity to show your characteristic technique in front of the international jury!

✅ Diploma and award recognized by PMU experts!

✅ The opportunity to live the experience and develop your reference.

👑 PMU DIAMOND IS A JOURNEY, the 2nd season of 2024 will be a playground for creative colleagues who dare to overcome challenges and assert their abilities. Contact the organizers, register today and get the best seat at the ENGLISH  at PMU DIAMOND AWARDS💪

The two events are independent, so it's up to you whether you want to participate in the Wulop world competition on a live model or the PMU DIAMOND AWARDS latex competition, or just attend the conference!

The entry fee for the competition is 150 Euros in one category, 75 Euros for each additional category. 

(Or the equivalent HUF amount)

Kiemelt partner

Kiemelt partner

Média támogató

Média támogató

Szakmai partner

Szakmai partner

Szakmai partner

Szakmai partner

Média támogató

Média támogató

Szakmai szponzor

Szakmai szponzor

Szakmai szponzor

Szakmai szponzor

Szakmai szponzor

Szakmai szponzor

Szakmai szponzor

Szakmai szponzor

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