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What should you know about the competition?!

In 2020, we successfully held the WULOP makeup tattooing world competition for the first time, a real makeup tattooing world championship for the first time in the world, by putting together 10 national teams in the semi-finals for a fierce competition in Antalya, on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. At our all-inclusive convention, we hosted more than 200 participants from 12 countries in a 5-star hotel, in an environment where people stay away from the crowds that are becoming lonely due to the epidemic, and brought them together with 15 leading speakers. Our guests from Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Belarus, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Romania had an unforgettable experience. The posts we shared on our social media sites were followed in more than 20 countries and reached tens of thousands of people. WULOP 2020 was a turning point in the careers of our participants and showed the way to new opportunities. 

In 2021, more than 20 countries and in 2022, we organized the competition with the participation of 37 countries and 27 teams. But 2023 surpassed even this, the competition was held with entries from more than 70 countries! Of course, the number of participating countries will continue to increase in 2024, with the addition of many Latin American and Asian countries

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​in 2023we hosted more than 800 people at the WULOP final in Antalya, from countries such as Switzerland, Israel, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Poland, England, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Belarus, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, USA, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico andHungary in 2024 participates in the competition for the third time! For this great meeting, we will host you in a 5-star ultra all-inclusive hotel in Antalya, which is itself a tourist paradise with the motto of training and vacation. As a result of the semi-finals held in nearly 70 countries, the winners form national teams and come to Antalya as our guests at the expense of the organizers to represent their country. And you, can have an amazing time with us while taking your career to the next level thanks to the information you get from the 15 speakers at our convention. Always striving for development and innovation, WULOP aims to pamper our guests without compromising the quality of service or professionalism. WULOP continues its journey towards even better performance, bringing new opportunities with our artists.

There are no losers in this competition…


There are many talented colleagues among Hungarian make-up tattooists, even if many people think that this is not the case! And now the opportunity has arrived to show that there are indeed outstanding talents here in this beautiful profession!

Make-up tattoo specialists can participate in the semi-finals in Budapest. The maximum available time per category is 150 minutes. The Hungarian jury will consist of 12 people, well-known domestic and partly foreign experts.

The first, second and third place winners will be announced based on the points scored at the end of the semi-final stage.

Competitors participating in the semi-finals in Budapest in September provide their own equipment (makeup tattoo machine, pigment and other accessories) and models. We provide the demanding, professional location, beds, lamps, cosmetic cart in accordance with hygiene regulations!

Competition categories:

  1. Threaded eyebrow technique

  2. Powder eyebrow technique

  3. Eyebrows with Microblading technique

  4. Lip tattoo with lipstick effect

  5. Shaded eyelid tattoo

  6. Country team total score


Winners of the semi-final category:

  1. Free participation in the grand finale in Turkey, 5 per day with ultra all-inclusive catering in Antalya with a silver package for the competitor and his model.

  2. 50% discount in Gold or Diamond package

  3. 30% discount in Gold or Diamond package

Also, valuable prizes for the first three places in the Budapest final!


Participating countries:
         click on the picture!

Detailed program:

Participation fees and packages. The awards apply to those who were not invited based on their ranking, but would like to participate in the WULOP 2022 event. Participation is also possible regardless of the competition, so it is not necessary to start unconditionally. 


Tickets for 2024 will soon be available!

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